Free Courses for the month of May 

Why did we create these FREE courses?

Road Trip Training is a series celebrating the journey of our community leaders. After years of reflection and providing engaging training's we learned that educators were looking for courses that would help them professionally grow in the field of Early Childhood Education. For the month of May, we will have 5 free trainings that focus on planning, development, and leadership. Don't miss out on these amazing courses that will only last for the month of May. Our hope is that these trainings will not only motivate your community but spark conversations about how we can make a difference moving forward in our local communities. 

Steps to register for courses.

  1. Scroll down and choose a course and start your 1-hour course. Please set aside 1 hour to complete the class of your choice. 
  2. Click on the course of choice below and start your training. You can not start or stop the training you must go all the way through it. Please be mindful that the material does not save if you leave the page.
We will be opening this series up to all of Washington state, but only 250 educators will be able to take this training. 

Training for Planning 

1 Hour S.T.A.R.S Credit

Conferences are All About Partnership!

At the end of the year, educators are looking for ways to share their student's progress with their families. This is a time for reflection, feedback, and partnership for two communities to come together and develop students learning experiences in and out of class. In this training, we will dive into different ways that you can do parent-teacher conferences and how to create a portfolio using Google slides.

Match Me To My Training​

Michael Chase

Why Do We Suggest High Turnover Training?
If you are dealing with high turnovers in your community and not sure where to begin to stop the bleeding, this course is full of content to help you think about what steps you need to take to make effective changes.

Dan Anderson 
Administrator Educator

Why Do We Suggest The Career Training?
If you work with new employees and you want to know more about their future goals, this is a great training for you to start with. This also allows educators to get a chance learn about themselves and their skill set that they can bring to the community.

Gwen Rossi

Why Do We Suggest The Planning Celebration Training?
If you are an educator and your students are getting ready to move up to a new class or graduating, this is a training you don't want to miss! Learn how to make yearbooks and video presentations for our graduates this year.

Sarah Gonzales 
Support Team 

Why Do We Suggest The Parent-Teacher Training Conference? If you are a part of a support team, such as an assistant teacher, this training would be great for you.  To lea​rn more about how parent-teacher conferences are developed, this course will help you coordinate deadlines, resources, and much more.